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Edina Morningside High School




  We had a wonderful time at the Birthday Bash!  It was great to catch up on people's lives and make plans for future events.  We have already begun the planning of our next get-together.  It will be at Braemar again and it is planned for Thursday September 24th from 5pm to 9pm.  We got so much positive feedback that we are planning on making this a yearly event.  We look forward to another good turnout so mark your calendars!  
















•   Russell L. (Russ) Westfall  11/25
•   Robert B Duncan  10/8
•   David Lund  10/3
•   Donald Orescanin  9/14
•   Bryan Nelson  9/4
•   Susan Nielsen  9/1
•   Jody Thornton (Coyle)  7/31
•   John Metcalfe  7/2
•   Tom Wilbur  6/9
•   Barbara J. Mullen (Schroeder)  4/8
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 46.1%

A:   304   Joined
B:   355   Not Joined